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ZERO ABSOLU and LOST IN KIEV have a lot in common: they’re french, postrock lovers and they hit the road together in April all over the East of Europe.
As a celebration to this partnership, they’ve decided to join forces to release a split EP with 4 brand new songs about one shared topic: the memory.


released April 2, 2013

Lost In Kiev :
Recorded by Maxime Ingrand and Kevin Deparis
Mixed by Maxime Ingrand
Thanks to Nak'ounet Absolu, Gilles Lahonda, Kevin Deparis, Jeremy Savry, Sebastien Lombard, Pascal Besnard, Nathalia Bedfert, Pierre B. Cherer, Romain Graillot, Valve, Inertia Pills, Arms of Ra.

Zero Absolu :
Recorded by Nak
Mixed by Judicaël Brun
Thanks to Jud, Sport, Lost in Kiev, José Ortuno Martin

Mastered by Gilles Lahonda @ Labotronic Studio
Artwork by Yoann Vermeulen

In the memory of Tristan.



all rights reserved


Lost In Kiev - Zero Absolu France

LOST IN KIEV is a 5 pieces band who has developed a musical mix of postrock and postcore, warm and straight in its rhythms, sensitive or majestic in its melodies.

ZERO ABSOLU is a modern one man band, based on loops where electronical music intervene with diverse musical instruments to which sampled texts & poems are over layed.
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Track Name: Lost In Kiev feat. Zero Absolu - Back To The Ocean
You think you put a chain on me
but I am the dirt under your feet
Climbing and scratching to set me free
we owe our dues to our memory
Take my hands, and beneath the trees
the promise of a hopeful seed
Shading shades makes you shine (??)
fading the brightest, filling a cup of me.
Come with me
we're going to where the river ends
to see if life begins or ends
You think you put a chain on me
but I am the dirt under your feet
Climbing and scratching to set me free
we owe our dues to our memory
I’m diving into the sea, I try to break the chains off
Sinking, suffocating, dying
I’m staring at them all with my blurred eyes
Obviously, that’s the fate we deserve.

I’m off, overrunning like the river
let’s cross the borders, again and again
a blend of bodies.
pollination of souls
let’s get above their rules
where love is a pride.
Come with me.
taste me, blend me,
bring me back to the ocean
Come with me
let’s fly, out of this ship
Come with me
bring me back to the ocean
out of the land of the living Deads
Let’s take off !
Track Name: Zero Absolu - The River
Killing is not a sin when in the name of god.
Perfect people, if you belong to paradise.
I swear I’d rather go to hell with my fellows

Indie minds living together.
Freak for them, is it a quest ?
Being tasteless to reveal the flavours when it is Worth it
Pray to your god, for your own salvation.
Ask him to kill right (with justice). To kill me.

And when I’ll get sick
Everybody will spit on me
Going to the river
Got to clean this Memory
Game is over
Kicked out from comunity.
Something matters
I’m not where I should be
Track Name: Zero Absolu - The Olive Tree
It’s on, sickness out
there’s no escape from my head now
I feel they are hidden somewhere
My thoughts are passing out
I Caught the fire
going thru the water
They stole my dues
I might take the woodstick
to hit the olive tree
Hard times are coming
a kid’s mind
married to an ancient

running (along) the river
Dragging the corners

I want to go back with my fellows
in my homeland, where I belong
some people gather, (they are) talking to me,
they call me family,
they keep me in life, they don’t understand
I have to hit the olive tree.
The harvest is almost ended
and hard times are coming.